Upgraded Care Package

If your child is scheduled for Cranio surgery and you would like to request a care package, please fill out this form. We are honored to ship international as well! We only ask that you give us at least 1 week before your surgery to get a package to you. (NOTE: WE DON'T SHIP PACKAGES UNTIL A WEEK BEFORE SURGERY)  If you are out of the country, please send your requests as soon as possible so it has time to get there (it can take 2-3 weeks for delivery). If your child's surgery has already taken place within the last 60 days, but would still like something comforting, we can send you a couple items as well. If your child has had surgery prior to 60 days, we please ask that you let us use these loving care packages for current families.

This is for an UPGRADED larger care package! You can request a free package HERE. 

**Please note that we would love to send every child facing surgery a care package, but please only request one here if your child is indeed facing surgery for craniosynostosis. Thank you!!

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